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Q. What factors contribute to dental problems in the elderly?

Hutington Disease

Huntington’s Disease: Overview, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Huntington's Disease? Huntington's disease is a genetic disorder caused by abnormal changes in chromosome-4 (one of the 23 chromosomes in humans that carry...
Somatic disorder

Psychosomatic Disorder: Overview, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Psychosomatic Disorder? Psychosomatic Disorder or somatization disorder is also known as somatic syndrome disorder and is a psychiatric or a mental illness where...
Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndromethenic Syndrome

Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS): Overview, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS) Lambert eaton syndrome is a disease affecting a part of your body called the neuromuscular junction. It is...


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