107-year-old Mastanamma, the world’s oldest YouTuber, famous for her watermelon chicken, is no more. Her YouTube channel, Country Foods has over 1.2 M subscribers and the videos were lovingly shot by her grandson K. Laxman.

From a small village in Andhra Pradesh, Mastanamma could be seen sitting and cooking in the open. She would use the traditional chulha and large pots to cook dishes like Indians used to do in older times. She would peel the vegetables by hand and prepare the masalas from scratch. The rustic beauty of the open kitchen would add more charm to her cooking and one could feel transported there within minutes of watching her video.

Her passion for cooking extended to western dishes too. One video shows her making burgers with melted cheese while in another video she can be seen making McDonald’s style French fries but with better seasoning.

In most of her videos, she could be seen chatting happily with her relatives in Telugu while simultaneously cooking up a storm. At the end of her videos, her family would gather around to enjoy her cooking. The videos were relatable because this would feel like a typical scene in any Indian household: Family joining together to enjoy Dadima ke haath ka khana. We all love our Grandma’s cooking and this was one resilient and famous grandma we loved to watch. Her recipes were simple, made with easily available ingredients and most importantly with a lot of love.

At 107 years, she lived a full life and it is heart-warming to know that age did not stop her from working. She lost her husband when she was 22 and raised all her five kids alone. She is an inspiration to young and older people alike on how to stay busy and happy in spite of age and its challenges. Thanks to her grandson who runs the channel, we will always have access to her cooking and recipes.

But the world will miss this loving Granny and her toothless and endearing smile – beautiful, accidentally famous with immense simplicity personified in her life and in cooking. Her timeless love for cooking lives on through her recipes.

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