The United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge India state that, the number of elderly persons (people over 60) in India is expected to grow to 173 million by 2026.” Hence, it is imperative to build a safer and happier future for them as like any other country, India too grapples with old age issues like health, security, well-being, and others.

However, with a little preparation, you can have a secure old age for yourself or even for your aging parents or grandparents. Let’s now see three key elderly safety measures that can create a safe living environment for the aged.

1. Home Safety Precautions for the Seniors

When it comes to making a home safer for seniors, the first risk to cover is falling. Falls are one of the main causes of morbidity and disability in the elderly, as per a paper published on NCBI. In fact, the Indian Journal of Occupational therapy report shared that out of 192 older people in the age group of 60-93 years who participated, 38.4% felt fear of falling.

Most indoor falls for seniors occur around staircases or inside bathrooms. Hence, the fall safety measure for elderly can be listed as under:

  • Installing handrails extended on both sides of the staircases can ensure safer use of stairs for seniors in terms of support.
  • Lighting up the staircase area to increase visibility.
  • Keeping the stairs clean and clutter-free to avoid slippage. Adding grab bars around showers and bathtubs for providing firm grip can help in avoiding slippage in bathrooms. Using anti-slip matting near bathrooms.
  • Installing nightlight in the bathroom and also in the complete passage that leads to it.
  • Apart from this installation of a home security system can ensure the safety of elderly from scammers, intruders, and thieves.

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2. Outdoor Safety Precautions for the Elderly

Outside of the house, a main risk elderly face is on the road. With old age, driving gets more challenging. But some small safety steps can make driving much safer.

  • To start with one can avoid driving at night.
  • When on the road, use only well-lit and known streets.
  • Always keep headlights on during the night.
  • To ensure the best visibility, wipe the mirrors and headlights at proper intervals.
  • Also, avoid driving during rush hours. For example, don’t leave during the morning, lunch, or night commute timings.
  • If for any reason you don’t feel confident about driving anymore, don’t. You can always use public transport systems and cabs.

3. Medical Alert System for Seniors

While mishaps can happen to anyone, the elderly are more prone to it. And so you must take proactive measures for any emergency situations that might arise.

Installing a good medical alert system can act as a life-saving tool here. Because these tools make medical help available all the time (24 hours), they can save you (or your parents or grandparents) in case a medical emergency arises. These systems make accessing simple with a simple click of a button.

Many medical alert systems simply let you contact your primary caregiver or your nurse, while others come with portable pendants that offer protection even outside your home. So before you invest in a medical alert system, think about the care you might need as different alert systems help with different needs.

Your or your loved one’s old age doesn’t have to be full of fears or worries. The above-mentioned tips can help you or your loved ones to age peacefully without compromising on freedom and security.

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