5 Foods Older Adults Should Avoid to Get Good Sleep

Many older adults suffer from insomnia. There are some foods that hinder your ability to get good sleep as well. Here we discuss the foods that keep you awake.




This is the most obvious of all. Coffee contains high amounts of caffeine. This leads to wakefulness. This is especially troublesome for older adults because they already tend to suffer from insomnia. If you consume a cup of coffee even 6 hours before bedtime, you might find it difficult to fall asleep. Coffee can also disrupt your night sleep means you will find it difficult to remain asleep.



Though coffee is commonly mentioned in connection with sleeplessness, people usually forget that other beverages like tea also contain caffeine. Although tea contains much lesser levels of caffeine than coffee, it is equally disruptive to sleep. Tea also causes acid reflux (GERD) in older adults thus interrupting sleep.

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Older adults who consume desserts or milk with sugar before sleeping find it difficult to fall asleep. This is because sugar creates a burst of energy in your body (known as sugar rush) making it difficult for your body to relax.

4Spicy foods


Spicy foods or acidic foods cause heartburn, especially in older adults. Lying down can worsen this condition. This leads to sleeplessness.

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Older adults in the habit of drinking alcohol before sleeping can find it difficult to maintain their sleep routine. Alcohol affects your sleep patterns and causes wakefulness at night. It also increases brain activity, thus leading to fitful sleep and waking up tired in the mornings.

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