5 Simple Recipes for Elderly with Dysphagia

Dysphagia is a medical condition where the person has difficulty in swallowing food and liquids. Elderly are at more risk of dysphagia due to aging and normal wear and tear of the esophagus. Here are a few simple recipes for elderly with Dysphagia.



Khichdi is a favorite dish amongst us Indians, but it doesn’t have to be bland. Soak moong dal and rice for half an hour. In a pressure cooker, add 1 tablespoon ghee and jeera. Add finely chopped onions, garlic and tomatoes and some salt to taste. Once done, add turmeric and stir well. You can also temper it with kadi patta and it is recommended to add vegetables like cauliflower or potatoes to increase the nutritional value. Add water and let it cook for three-four whistles. Ensure the consistency is thick but not dry.

2Oats Daliya

Oats is a new addition to Indian breakfasts and a healthy one. One can either take them with milk or can make a tangy daliya full of veggies. To make oats daliya take ghee in a pan and add jeera and mustard seeds (rai). Dice your favourite vegetables like carrots, benas, onions, tomatoes, peas, etc and cook them until they become soft. Add turmeric and salt to taste. Add some water to cook the oats. Do not let the mix get too dry. Add some lemon juice to make it tangy. Blend the daliya to make it soft.


Soup is warm, nutritious and a versatile dish. You can make peas soup, spinach soup or mushrooms soup. You can also make a mixed vegetable broth. Add finely chopped onions in a pressure cooker after adding ghee. Add the mixed vegetables, salt and herbs like cilantro. Mix well. You can also add store bought soup flavors to add to this but ensure they are not spicy. Once mixed well, add water and let it cook. After three-four whistles, use a blender to mix the vegetables and arrive at a thick consistency. You can also add some melted butter on top before serving.

4Beetroot and Carrot Juice

Vegetable juices are a healthy way of getting in the vitamin and minerals. You can make a carrot and beetroot juice which is full of iron and Vitamin C. Take a grinder and add washed and finely chopped beetroot and carrot. Add some water and grind well. Once done, add some black salt for taste. Do not strain the concoction as that will strip all the fiber away and also make it thinner. You won’t need to add sugar since carrot and beetroot as naturally sweet.

5Mango Juice

Shakes are tasty, include our favorite fruits and also a good way of getting some milk in. Mango season is here and you can prepare a yummy mango shake right now. Take two finely chopped mangoes and add them in a grinder. Sprinkle some elaichi powder for flavor and add milk. Blend it well till it reaches a thick consistency. You can also add small pieces of chopped mango in the end but ensure that you help your loved one in eating that.

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