6 Warning Signs for Alzheimer’s Disease

Everyone experiences memory slips. But if these begin to occur frequently, it could signal the onset of Alzheimer's. Here are some of the symptoms you should be cautious about.


1. Tendency to forget things frequently

Apart from forgetting dates and events, Alzheimer’s patients begin to misplace things. They also think and act irrationally, ultimately requiring memory aids. A patient with Alzheimer’s may forget what they had asked a minute ago, leading to repetition of questions.

2. Decreased Concentration Level

Alzheimer’s patients may begin to require your help for little tasks such as paying bills, reading, and writing. [restrict] They may slowly develop concentration issues. They might not keep up with any particular hobby or any other activity which they had previously indulged in.

3. Difficult decision making

Alzheimer’s patients tend to have poor judgment, on especially money matters. They might give money to strangers or sometimes find it difficult to trust people. They get poor at solving problems and planning.

4. Trouble in managing daily tasks

Ordinary tasks like getting dressed, driving to a location, using home appliances, locking doors, etc. take a long time and are not as easy as earlier for an Alzheimer’s patient. They also tend to forget the order of wearing socks and shoes or to take a bath, or tasks such as brushing their hair.

5. Unusual Behavior

Anxiety, aggression, hallucinations, bursts of anger or paranoia begins to get common in an Alzheimer’s patient at a later stage. They also become fearful and depressed. Sometimes their behaviour might appear silly and inappropriate, such as wearing warm clothes for summer. Delusions are common in later stages and usually simple with common themes of thefts, infidelity or mis-identification.

6. Feeling shy in meeting people

Alzheimer’s patients have trouble continuing with a conversation. They fall short of vocabulary and are unable to express themselves well. Further, as they cannot recognize family and friends, they begin to shy away from social engagements.


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