Spending your golden years with your partner is actually a privilege; You are free of responsibilities, your kids are settled and you have more time for each other. While retirement may bring boredom for some people, it can open up a whole new world of joy for you, when you use your free time well and engage in fun activities with your partner.

Here are a few activities you can indulge in with your partner and stay busy:

1. Yoga: Yoga is India’s gift to the world and it’s only fair that we use it ourselves as well. Yoga encourages mindfulness, relaxes you and has great physical benefits. You and your partner can perform it from the comfort of your home and get relaxed together.

2. Traveling: Let’s face it, everybody loves traveling. Who wouldn’t want a nice holiday at a picturesque destination? Now that you are free, you can plan multiple short trips in a year with your partner and finally tick off places from your bucket list. Just make sure you don’t pack too many activities in a day when traveling or you will need another holiday to recover from that one!

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3. Volunteering: The world is in need of people who care. Join a local NGO and devote a few hours of your week in volunteering with your partner. It can be an animal shelter or any other charity you support. This will give you and your partner something wonderful to do together and bring in a new appreciation for each other.

4. Cooking: Well, who doesn’t like good food? When you were younger, you must have had mayhem in your kitchen with sending the kids to school and rushing to work yourself. Now you can afford to slow down. Try new recipes and indulge in cooking together. You can always turn it into a date night.

5. Gardening: Gardening lets you create something new together. Planting flowers and small vegetables and nurturing them together can be a beautiful experience and a chance for bonding again.

6. Game nights: Remember you used to love playing crossword and carom until life took over? Well, you can restart now and have a game night every week. It can be your favorite games and you can even invite some friends over and make it a ritual.

7. Learning a new language: Learning a new language is actually one of the best brain exercises. It can be made enjoyable when you do it with your partner. Pick a language of your choice and join a class. You can even quiz each other and help each other study. Back to being young, but this time, without pressure!

Choose the activity of your choice and enjoy! No matter what you choose, it will always be fun because you have your partner by your side.

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