7 Changes occur in the body as we age

Aging comes with a number of lifelong changes that may be the results of hereditary, past illnesses, diet and environment. Let's have a look at these 7 changes.


1. Cell damage

Cells start decreasing as people age. Furthermore, some organs find it difficult to replace old cells. The functions of heart, brain, kidney, liver, testis and ovary are reduced. And these changes occur gradually over a long period of time. Hence, the damage of cells results in illnesses and requirement of medications.

2. Hormonal Changes

Hormone levels decrease with age. The most common aging hormone in women is estrogen and progesterone and in males it is testosterone. Changes in women hormones are often referred to as menopause.

3. Weak Immunity

The immune system makes cells to destroy harmful substances from our body and protect us from diseases. If immunity becomes weak, it increases the risk of diseases. As you grow older, your immune system does not work as efficient as earlier.

4. Changes in Bones, Muscles and Skin

Changes in the skin and hair with age are common. People lose bone density with age, mainly women after menopause. Also, the minerals that elderly mostly lose is calcium. People tend to develop arthritis and osteoporosis due to this. Since elderly are more susceptible to mishaps, they need to be fully cared to prevent injuries.

5. Aging Brain

Aging affects a lot of cognitive functions of brain mainly memory. As the other organs shrink, the brain also shrinks with age. That is the reason some people tend to develop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease with age.

6. Reproductive Changes

Menopause is a normal change in woman’s aging process. After menopause, the ovaries don’t make estrogen and progesterone (pregnancy hormone).  Likewise, the level of male sex hormone (testosterone) also decreases with age. However, the main problem they suffer from is erectile dysfunction (ED).

7. Kidney Problems

Kidneys filter the blood from the body and help to remove waste products. As you age, the risk of kidney and bladder problems increases. Although in a healthy aging man, the functions of kidneys are normal but illness (like high blood pressure and diabetes), medicines and other ailments could damage the kidneys.

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