The growth cycle of hair changes as we age. The hair follicles take a greater time to rest and the rate of growth slows down considerably. Hair changes color and hair loses volume. Many older women complain that their hair has lost the luster, while some complain of loss in volume. And many face severe hair loss. To overcome this problem, we subject our hair to various treatments – coloring, perming, curling and the like. With this, hair takes a beating and you end up losing more hair than before.

Nutrition plays an important role in healthy hair, as does proper hair care. However, nowadays, due to stress and tension, hair care and nutrition have taken a backseat. 

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How to take care of your hair?

Healthy hair looks good, no matter what your age. You need to maintain a regular routine of shampoo and conditioner to give it a shine. Here are a few tips to keep your hair healthy:

1. Conditioning: If your hair is very fine, you can use a conditioner on the ends and avoid using heavy conditioners all over the hair. Hair conditioners are heavy and weigh down hair, making it look thin and lank. You can also use a volumizing serum to add volume to your hair.

2. Massaging: Give your scalp regular massages. There are capillary endings situated just beneath the scalp. A good massage with light oil or a hair masque can activate these capillaries and stimulate hair growth. Hair loss is also reduced significantly by this technique. A good hair massage is also a great stress reliever.

3. Steam: Wrap a towel soaked in warm water around your oiled hair. This offers steam to your hair and helps in softening your hair. The moist heat promotes better blood circulation in the scalp and helps in hair growth.

4. Use silk pillow: Using a silk pillow could change the much-dreaded hair loss that you face. Hair loss at night occurs mostly due to friction between your head and the pillow cover, usually cotton. Cotton pillowcases also make your hair frizzy and difficult to manage after you wake up. Silk pillows are smooth and thus, have no friction. In fact, you might even wake up with glossier hair than you already have.

5. Use a wooden comb: It can help in increasing the blood flow to the scalp. When you comb, the natural oils from your scalp coat your hair shaft all the way down to the ends. Wooden combs with wide teeth don’t tend to break your hair, thus reducing hairfall.

6. Leave your hair loose: Some women may have a habit of tying their hair in a bun at all times of the day. But, for better flow of air in your hair, it is nice to leave your hair loose sometimes. It also helps in reducing hair falls due to pulling of hair in tight buns.

7. Ammonia free hair color: If you want to hide grey hair, choose a hair color that is a shade lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Grey hair is coarser and a darker color makes your hair look dull and lifeless. Choose natural hair colors as far as possible, as ammonia present in hair dyes damage hair in the long run. You can opt for Henna (mehendi) applicaton or can natural herbal packs that include tea, kattha, mehendi, coffee, clove, etc. Also, coloring hair needs care. You need to retouch often to avoid roots showing their original color.

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