Your body goes through a major trauma when you undergo surgery. To help your body recover faster after surgery, your doctor suggests bed rest or minimal movement. However, recovery after surgery is not just about physical recovery. Your mental health has to be maintained well too so that you get maximum benefits from the surgery.

But being pent up in the house with limited movement can make anyone go crazy. You, as an older adult, are more vulnerable to post-surgery stress as you have spent a whole lifetime in an independent manner. Older adults are also prone to depression more than others.

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Here, we have come up with a few activities that you can do to keep yourself occupies after surgery:

  1. Read books: If you love reading books, there is no better time to do so. Even if you don’t like reading books, we suggest you pick up one after surgery. Books give you an outlet to vent your frustration and your mind gets diverted. You are also guaranteed to sleep well after reading a satisfying book. Your mind remains at peace and you get to learn a few new things on the way. Now is the best time to discover new authors or try out new genres.
  2. Keep yourself socially active: Whatever your hobbies are (or if you always wanted to learn something new but never had the time), there are sure to be internet groups on the internet. Facebook is a treasure house of such groups. If you were not comfortable using the internet before, this is a great time to learn the way the World Wide Web works. There is enough stuff online to keep you occupied for hours.
  3. Listen to music: Music is known to have therapeutic qualities. Playing soft and melodious music in the background can calm you down and bring down your stress levels. This, in turn, helps in faster recovery.
  4. Watch movies or TV: Catching up with all the movies you have missed in recent times is a great way to spend time after surgery. Some older adults also enjoy watching their favourite serials on TV. You can even opt for watching new genres and widen your horizons.
  5. Connect with your friends and family: Over the years, we tend to lose contact with our friends and relatives. The period after surgery when you are recuperating is a good time to connect with them. Talking with others can take your mind off your stress and pain and make you feel better.
  6. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks: For older adults who love reading but have undergone cataract surgery, audiobooks are a blessing. You can also listen to podcasts, too. Podcasts are a way of keeping yourself with the latest news without straining your eyes. Spotify, Apple Store, and Android Playstore have various podcasts and podcast apps available for free.
  7. Play board games: Board games are a great way of spending time with your family and keeping yourself entertained. Older adults enjoy board games more as it takes them back to their own childhood. It also helps keep their minds sharp.

These tips will help you recover faster after surgery, keeping your mind happy and body healthy.

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