7 Ways You Can Avoid Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract infections can be irritating, especially when they are accompanied by pain and urine incontinence. The key is to keep bacteria at bay. There are a few steps you can take to ensure you can avoid UTIs as much as possible.


1Drink lots of water

This elixir of life is your best friend when safeguarding yourself against UTIs. The simplest way to avoid bacteria in your urinary tract is by flushing it out. When you drink enough water, you urinate more and this helps in keeping your urinary tract clean.

2Keep your blood sugar levels under control

When your blood sugar levels are high, the sugar in urine can promote bacterial growth. This can give rise to UTI. Eat a balanced and healthy diet and always keep a check on your blood sugar levels.

3Wipe from front to back

Bacteria mainly travels from the anus to the vagina. When you wipe from back to front after relieving yourself, you are basically transferring the bacteria towards the vagina. Always keep the area dry by wiping, but wipe from front to back.

4Empty your bladder after sex

Make this is a habit, no matter your age. Always urinate after having sex, as there are chances of bacteria entering your urinary tract during sex. Urinating will flush out the bacteria and keep the tract clean.

5Choose the correct birth control method

Quite often, a diaphragm or a condom can cause itching in the vagina. If you find yourself dealing with UTIs often with these, maybe switch to a pill. Your doctor can help you with the correct birth control method that can help you avoid infections and late pregnancies.

6Avoid irritants like sprays and scented powders

Don’t douche down there, or spray yourself with a deodorant or scented powder. Vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and washing it with water is enough. If you must, use non-scented soaps that are made especially for cleaning the vaginal area.

7Use public washrooms with care

It’s not entirely possible to avoid urinating when you are out for the day, and holding your pee is not recommended either. But if you have to use a public toilet, ensure it’s a hygienic place. A toilet seat is a breeding ground for bacteria and it’s possible to catch UTI. You can use disinfectant sprays on the toilet seats before using them. If possible use an Indian lavatory instead of western comods. It’s always good to squat than sit on the public toilets. Also, always flush before and after use.

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