9 Things That You Don’t Know Are Damaging Your Liver

Liver is one of the most vital organs of the body. It metabolizes fats, carbohydrates and proteins and detoxifies the chemicals from the body. Long-term damage to liver can bring serious health issues, and sometimes can be fatal. Elderly especially need to take care of their liver because of old age and metabolism issues. Here are a few things you may be doing that can cause long-term harm to your liver.


1Herbal Supplements

Some people take herbs and alternate drugs to deal with medical conditions. However, herbal supplements are not always safe and long-term use can cause jaundice and liver damage. Talk to your doctor before you decide to take any alternate supplement.

2Too Much Sugar

Too much sugar and fructose in the body causes a fatty build-up which can lead to liver disease. Some researchers believe it can be as damaging to the liver as If you binge on sugary food, maybe it’s time to rethink.


The extra fat around the liver can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Over time, it can also cause cirrhosis. Obese, diabetics and older people are at higher risk of NAFLD.

4Excess Vitamin A

Taking Vitamin A from the natural sources of food is okay, but taking excess of Vitamin A supplements can cause long term liver damage. Always check with your doctor before taking any supplements.

5Soft Drinks

Research shows that people who drink a lot of soft drinks tend to have NAFLD. If you are addicted to sodas, this is a good reason to quit.

6Pain Killers

If you are in a habit of taking too many pain killers, it is better to avoid it as it can damage your liver. Taking pain killers in fever, sore throat or back pain, etc. causes liver damage when this habit is continued over a period of time.


Indian diet is full of fried stuff like pakodas and samosas, which we consider as a way of celebration. But they also contain trans fats, which lead to obesity and eventually a fatty liver. It is better to stick to healthier options.

8Infected Needles

If you get nicked by a used needle by mistake, it can be a cause of worry. Even shared needles during injection of illegal drugs can cause harm. The problem is what’s on the needle, as infections like Hepatitis C and HIV can travel through blood and cause liver damage.


Alcoholics always have a damaged liver and suffer through cirrhosis. Alcohol destroys the healthy tissue of the liver and can create extensive damage. It is better to indulge in it occasionally and stay away from addiction.

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