About Us

Our Mission

“We turn not older with years, but newer every day.”
-Emily Dickinson

With strong faith in the novelty of each day, we at HappyAging, aspire to bring peace of mind in every Indian family by making them aware about the goods that health and wellness can bring to them and by introducing the positive side of ‘Aging with Grace’.

What is ‘HappyAging’?

Aging is not in our hands, but ‘HappyAging’ is!

HappyAging is an initiative by Praavega to imbibe a healthy way of living for Indian Adults. Our focus is on bringing health in the forefront for every Indian family so they grow happily and gracefully.

HappyAging is your one-stop destination that helps you:

  • To understand your body and health in an easy way
  • To make healthy lifestyle choices
  • To achieve your wellness goals
  • To provide better caregiving for your parents or grandparents

Thanks to fast growing technology and Digital India movement, there is a positive hike in the awareness for living a healthy life across generations. This hunger for awareness, however, meets the gap of right information, which HappyAging aims to fill.

HappyAging is for everyone who wants to build a strong base for their today and tomorrow. You could be anyone who is taking care of yourself or your partner or your parents or your grandparents; your health choices today will define your tomorrow and we are here to assist you through this journey to create a happy, healthy and dignified future for yourself.

Why believe us?

With increasing levels of awareness in the country, it is seen that the adults and especially older adults are increasingly aiming to make healthier choices for themselves to maintain their health graph. And we understand that with health, it is critical for you to reach the most legit source of information that provides genuine guidance and strong support. Hence, we are building a foundation for your as well as your family’s wellness.

The information present on HappyAging comes straight from the hands of expert medical practitioners and is thoroughly researched. There are personal experiences and stories from people who are amongst us and who have had their own journeys in achieving health goals and fighting the odds. This interactive platform also allows you to share your views and opinions about senior wellness so we can be a team in the mission to upraise health and wellness for older adults. We are committed to maintain your trust by inexorably growing our information pool with the same.

About Company

HappyAging touches the need of the hour in India today. With changing social structures, a large number of self-reliant elders are seeking right quality and resources to maintain their health.

HappyAging aims to build an entire ecosystem for not just Indian Older Adults, but also for those individuals who are cognizant about their health and want to take charge of it. This ecosystem, which has been missing from ages in our country can bring not just health but happiness and dignity to Indian elders through rich information from global healthcare professionals, world class technology and range of best-in-class services.