Against all Odds: Mother Narrates her Son’s Battle Against Blood Cancer


Cancer is not just a disease but a fearful emotion. When it befalls on someone, it not only is physically and mentally exhausting, it also scrapes away one’s courage and will. But then there are some strong souls who fight all odds.

HappyAging met Jyoti who stood like a wall around her toddler who battled with this dreaded disease and came out triumphantly.

Her son was only 2.5 year’s old when he got diagnosed with blood cancer. What followed was hospital visits, surgeries, chemotherapies and a tiny warrior’s journey to overcome the disease. Sometimes gut wrenching and at times tugging at our heart strings, Jyoti’s fight on behalf of and with her son is one of grit and grace. Her son is now 5 and cancer free. But the past couple of years have been full of struggle and determination for Jyoti and her family.

Jyoti, now is an ambassador with Yoddhas – A cancer support group. HappyAging would like to share Jyoti and her son’s story to inspire people in similar situations and offer comfort and support. As rightly said, ‘after every dusk, a dawn will follow.’

Watch the video to learn about Jyoti’s caregiving journey.

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