5 Apps for Older Adults to Fight Depression

6 out of 100 older adults are said to have depression or anxiety disorder. Here are some apps that will help older adults having depression and anxiety overcome them.



Headspace is a meditation app that helps you focus, breathe, calm you down, improve your performance and sleep better. This is achieved using a combination of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. It provides relief from stress and reduces anxiety. This app is available in both free and paid versions (basic and advanced respectively). It is helpful for older adults having anxiety issues.

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If you are struggling to get an outlet for your thoughts and emotions, Moodpath is the best app for you. It is your personal mental health companion. It provides support to you in times of depression, anxiety, and stress. This app asks you daily questions about your mental and physical health. it then assesses your health and provides a bi-weekly report. You can also choose exercises based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) from their library.

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Sanvello – Stress and Anxiety Help

Sanvello has been created by psychologists using clinical techniques like CBT. This app is very beneficial for older adults suffering from depression and anxiety. It combines videos, audio exercises, activities, and mood and health habit tracking to make those with depression feel happier.

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SuperBetter has been designed to build resilience, improve mental health, and support recovery. This app gives you a fun way to fight depression. You have to play games to improve your resilience by building up your ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic even in adverse situations.

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7 Cups

7 Cups of Tea is an app where you can reach out for confidential emotional support any time through the day. Often, older adults with anxiety or depression feel the need to vent and it might always not be possible to get a therapist or a psychiatrist to talk to. In such cases, this app provides a very useful support system.

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