Being Together in Love and Care: ‘Love Gives Immense Strength’


Love Gives Immense Strength

Marriage is a union of two people who may have their differences, but they never let that or any other hurdle get in the way. It takes love, respect and commitment to make a successful marriage last.

Meet Shailaja and Rajendra Kumar, one such strong couple, who have been married for 26 years and continue to be partners in every walk of life.

What is Love?

Love in one sentence for them means caring for each other. They consider it even bigger than just being in love.

Journey Through Love and Care

They have been married for 26 years now. They met through family friends but Shailaja was apprehensive about marriage. She had the responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings and she wanted to be true to that. After her younger sister got married, her relatives insisted that now it’s her turn. She eventually agreed and met Rajendra and the rest, as they say, is history.

Together in Sickness and in Health

They have truly been partners in sickness and in health. Shailaja used to cycle to work and has always been careful about her diet and health. But in 2013, after menopause, Shailaja experienced excessive bleeding. After six months of trips to doctors, they visited an oncologist on their Gynecologist’s insistence. That’s when she found out that she had ovarian cancer. This was followed by as surgery and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy brought on a lot of side-effects like nausea, fatigue, etc. but Shailaja took everything in her stride and continued working.

They took a small break after six cycles of chemotherapy and went to Malaysia and Singapore together.

But in 2016, Shailaja had a relapse and she was operated upon again. That was a tough time for them as she could not even eat. She had to keep undergoing chemotherapy and till date Shailaja has undergone 17 cycles of chemotherapy.

Rajendra says that taking care of Shailaja is his biggest priority. But she still takes care of all his needs. He finds her jovial nature very endearing while Shailaja loves his straightforward nature.

What Kept Them Going?

Despite all odds, their love for each other and their family keeps them going. They prefer looking forward to the future instead of being stuck in the past. Shailaja believes that Rajendra has stood by her at every stage in life and he would continue to do so. While Rajendra hopes that she continues to be the loving person that she is.

Shailaja and Rajendra Kumar with their family

Message To Others

Their message to others is that they should consider care above love. When you only love, you fight with each other. But when you care, you understand the other person and be patient with them.

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  1. Here’s to many more years together filled with love laughter good health and happiness. Lots of love to both of you. You’re an inspiration Shail.

  2. Happy Valentines Day Shailaja and Rajendran.May your love and care for each other continue to blossom for ever.Be blessed always.


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