Mumbai’s iconic Parsi restaurant Britannia & Company, located in the quaint vicinity of South Bombay, unarguably is a classic eat-out destination for many since decades. And more so because of its full of life owner Mr. Boman Rashid Kohinoor, who maintained the antiquated charm of the place for more than 75 years. Boman breathed his last on September 25th at 4:45 PM at the age of 97 due to a heart attack.

No.1 Fan of The Royals

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The Parsi gentleman was only 20 when he took charge of the restaurant which was founded by his father Rashid in 1923. Boman was a huge admirer of Queen Elizabeth and the Royals. He used to write regularly to the Queen and even named his granddaughter after William’s late mother Princess Diana. He used to call himself the Royal Family’s ‘Fan Number 1.’ Boman finally got to meet the Royal family at the age of 94 in 2016 when Prince Williams and Kate Middleton visited Mumbai.

Love for Food & Life

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Boman Kohinoor was a vivacious man who had an enormous love for food and life. He wanted to join the 100’s club and how – he had an aim to live up to at least 114 years to break his grandfather’s record.

He was known for his hospitality and jolly nature. The guests at the restaurant loved his stories from the pre-independence times. From how his father and he were locked for several nights in the restaurant during World War II to his meeting with Mahatma Gandhi to discuss partition, there were innumerable stories he used to tell that enthralled the guests.

They used to visit the restaurant from all corners of the world and not just for the delectable food, but also to meet the man who kept the place alive.

Extending his hospitality, he used to always insist guests to finish their meals with something sweet. All the recipes at the restaurant came from his wife’s kitchen, whom he loved madly. He was married to his wife for 45 years before she passed away. Perhaps it was his love for her and his wish to keep her legacy going that he ran the kitchen at Britannia & Co. with her finger-licking recipes.

Final Days

Boman Kohinoor was diagnosed with a cardiac condition and was in the ICU of Parsi General Hopsital, Mumbai for past two weeks. He finally succumbed and breathed his last on September 25th at 4:45 PM. Patrons from across Mumbai and other cities took to internet to express their feelings for the humble departed soul.

Mumbai’s most sought Parsi restaurant might now never feel the same without this man’s smiling welcome.

HappyAging bids adieu to the legendary man who exemplified vigor and lived every moment with sheer love for life. Rest in peace Sir!

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