Women today are leading a far more stressful life compared to their counterparts in the past few decades leading to an early onset of menopause.

This inevitable “Change in life” of a woman can negatively impact the quality of her sexual relationship with her partner. Most women in the menopausal age, among other symptoms, report a lack of interest and inability to enjoy sex with their partner. However, with some lifestyle modifications and professional medical intervention these symptoms can be easily managed to continue having a healthy sexual relationship with your partner.

Menopause poses a combination of psychosomatic challenges for a woman and her entire household which needs to be handled patiently and sensitively by her family members. The most affected aspect is her diminished sexual drive and discomfort in enjoying sex with her partner. But with rising awareness and availability of treatment options there is no need to let this inevitable “change in life” hamper your love life.

The research and advancement in modern medicine can help you relieve hot flashes, enjoy better sex, sleep well and control your weight, and generally feel good and happy about yourself.

Facts all women need to know about Menopause

There is a need to discover new ways to restore intimacy in relationships to help women deal with the physical challenges of vaginal dryness and lubrication that make intercourse painful. As mentioned earlier, psychological symptoms like anxiety, fear, mood swings and depression can also dampen a women’s sexual urge. This is where an approach to adopt a combination of treatment and counselling to manage these symptoms can be effective. There are a plethora of options that one can be chosen from depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Successfully dealing with menopause demands a holistic approach that encompasses both the mind and the body. It’s all about achieving a balance between the use of medication and alternative therapies to manage this inevitable change in a women’s life.

The key to managing menopausal symptoms and invariably enjoying a healthy sex life lies in practicing the following:

  • Weight Management
  • Relaxation Techniques like Yoga and Meditation
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Engaging in an active Social Life

There is no need to associate negativity to this phase; in fact, some women find this stage as the most productive and liberating phase of their life. Now that they are free from the child bearing years they can focus on their partner and explore aspects of the relationship they never knew existed.

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