Diabetes is a chronic ailment that occurs when the pancreas stops producing a sufficient amount of insulin in our body. As a result, our body fails to convert glucose into energy. If left untreated, it can damage body organs. It’s a condition that can be managed well with proper diet, physical exercise and timely medication, but can never be reversed.

However, HappyAging met Atul Shah, a 72-year-old gentleman, who with his sheer determination to battle the condition, cured it for good.

Atul Shah shares that he had a number of health conditions like arthritis, diabetes, obesity, etc. His condition deteriorated to an extent where he could not even maneuver himself through the airports and needed to be carried around on wheelchairs, which is when he decided to turn the table.

He switched to a healthy regime and with the help of a medical practitioner, he was soon able to overcome his uncontrolled glycemic levels.

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Atul’s mornings start early with a green smoothie that includes palak (spinach), pudina (mint), dhaniya (coriander), any seasonal fruit and one betel leaf. Then he takes his breakfast at 9 am which is more of grain. He prefers lentils instead of wheat and rice and takes besan or moong-dal chillas. At 11 am he takes his lunch which has 40% salad content and rest protein and carbohydrates (30% each). He suggests to not consume wheat and rice simultaneously. He also suggests on consuming millets instead of rice.

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To maintain his physical fitness, Atul keeps an active lifestyle. He stresses on doing anti-gravity exercises, i.e., if you stay at second or third floor, go down and then climb the stairs up instead of taking lifts. He says, you could do anti-gravity exercises by sitting at home also. You can stand and sit on chair while watching TV. This can help in pulling high sugar levels down, he says.

Moving to an active and healthy lifestyle, Atul not only cured his diabetes but became physically strong. He now runs marathons, does Zumba, push-ups, dances, etc. He is very active in his circle and has climbed Sabrimala, Palitana, Girnar and other such mountains with ease and even Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.

Atul Shah’s wife Mayuri Shah, who is also a diabetic, draws motivation from him and actively engages in physical and social activities with her husband. Determined to lead a healthy life, this couple is an inspiration to many and if they can control their diabetes with good management, that’s an example we all need to look up to.

Watch the video to get inspired:

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