Organic Amnesic Disorder is a deficit in memory, where a person is unable to recall memories that are stored there. These include important milestones, event or key people in life. For some people, it can also mean the inability to form new memories. Either way, it’s difficult to deal with the symptoms of the disorder. Care-giving for an amnesic patient is a responsible task because it’s not advised to leave them unsupervised.

Below are a few tips to help you care for a patient with Organic Amnesic Disorder:

Be patient: It is important to be patient with the person. They don’t know or remember most of the things happening around them. It’s easy to lose patience caring for someone with amnesia, because you have to act as their memory log most of the times. Be flexible and help them remember things as much as needed.

Keep it simple: The simpler you keep information, the easier it is for both you and the patient to remember it. Keep new information simple and repeat it to them as frequently as possible. Break down activities into small steps so that it’s easy for you to explain and them to follow.

Provide verbal cues: Provide verbal cues rather than asking them questions. E.g. “This is your friend, XYZ, who has come to see you”, instead of “This is your friend, do you remember her name?” is more helpful to them.

Plan a routine: Too many changes can be confusing for the person. Establish a routine for both of you so that it helps the person feel more secure, and helps them remember what usually happens through the day.

Write information down: With too much happening and too many things on your plate, you are bound to skip a few things out. It’s best to get into the habit of maintain a diary where you can note down all the appointment’s, medicines, important caregiving tips etc.

Seek help: Please seek help from a specialist, as they can help you with the right treatment plan. Apart from that, reach out to family and friends for support in taking care of your loved one, even if it’s only for a conversation. This is a responsible job and it’s important to have someone to talk to.

Caregiving for an amnesic loved one can get overwhelming at times, but with the right strategy and doctor’s help, you can establish the right way to take care of your loved one with ease.

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