Watch: Dr. Pradnya Brahmankar on Challenges in Dementia Care-giving


Dr. Pradnya Brahmankar is a General Physician, working with Tapas elder care center. HappyAging met Dr. Pradnya while visiting Tapas and understood from her about the challenges they come across in Dementia care.

She tells how society is unaware about the mental condition and has zero knowledge about it. Dementia is an ignored territory for even a lot of doctors who treat the elderly. After joining Tapas, Dr. Pradnya was exposed to Dementia and slowly she started delving into the study part of it.

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About challenges she said one only searches for a care center when it gets absolutely unmanageable at home.

Dr. Pradnya highlights the following areas of challenge that they address at the care center:

  • Hiding details: On admission, family members of elderly do not reveal complete case history of the patients and thus it takes time for the staff to get the complete understanding about the patient. It also sometimes includes the medicine history of the seniors, their sleeping patterns, their diet, soiling habit, aggression, etc. The staff, however, is able to figure out things in 2-3 days.
  • Separation pain: Although Dementia patients who are admitted are usually in their progressed stages and do not remember anyone but the immediate caregiver, the separation from the one caregiver may stress them and show some presentations. The staff at Tapas helps the patients to get comfortable with them and let them talk to their kith and kin through video callings.
  • Caregivers’ anxiety: The caregivers of the Dementia patients are usually too attached with the patients as their life revolves around the patient so upon admission at times they get anxious as to how the patient will survive without them or how and what would they do without the patient. The care center thus also focuses on the caregivers’ stress.
  • Awareness: With little to no awareness about the disease, caregivers do not understand that the disease is not curable. It only can be managed well with proper care. Hence, counseling helps them understand that.

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Dr. Pradnya in the video talks about certain cases they have dealt at the center and how they counseled the patient as well as their family.

Watch the video to know all she has to say.

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