4 Changes You Can Do in Your Home for Asthma Patients

Home is where the heart is, goes the proverb. But for those with asthma, home can also be the place with triggers all around. Most of these triggers are found in and around even the most average homes. However, there are ways you can make changes to your home so that it doesn’t trigger an attack for asthma patients. This is especially important if you have a family member suffering from this disorder.


What are the different triggers at home?

  • Dust mites love and thrive in warm and moist conditions, especially in beddings and carpets. Their droppings are the main reason for causing allergic reactions in asthmatic patients.
  • Many people affected by asthma are allergic to pollen from trees, grass, and plants.
  • Pet lovers can have a rough time if they are prone to having asthmatic attacks. The intensity of the attack may vary with the amount of shedding of the pet. Fur, scales or skin can trigger an attack.
  • Molds thrive in wet or moist environments with poor ventilation.
  • Other than the mentioned triggers, there are various other triggers like cold air, perfumes, certain chemicals, and food and smoke or certain smells.

1Cooling Systems

    • If you have fans, consider dusting them regularly, followed by wiping down surfaces with a damp cloth. This reduces the amount of dust dissipated through the rotation of fans significantly.
    • Ensure that the filters of your air conditioning unit are regularly cleaned.
    • Maintain a constant temperature while using air conditioners. Too cold temperatures can trigger an attack.
    • Evaporative air coolers and refrigeration air conditioners are likely to increase the humidity levels, thus triggering an asthma attack. High humidity also means there will be an increase in the levels of dust mites and molds; again, triggers for asthma patients.
    • Reverse cycle air conditioners are available in the market. These air conditioners help decrease humidity indoors.

2Dust Management

    • Sweep/vacuum and mop the floor regularly.
    • Use a damp cloth for cleaning surfaces instead of dry dusting.
    • Wash all bedding every once in two weeks and dry in the sunlight.
    • Avoid using carpets at home. If carpets are mandatory, you could opt for nylon ones.
    • Do not use curtains for windows. Instead, you could go for blinds which are easier to clean.
    • Keep fans and air conditioning units clean and dust-free.
    • Air dry blankets, pillows and sofa cushions frequently.

3Pet Homes

    • Keep your pet homes outside your house.
    • Do not allow pets inside the bedroom or on furniture with cushions.
    • Keep their cage, litter box and water bowl clean.
    • Brush them outdoors.
    • If bathing them regularly is allowed, bath them regularly.
    • Choose low-shedding animals.

4Garden Arrangement

    • Choose tiles or paving blocks in place of grass.
    • If grass is required for aesthetic purposes, choose synthetic grass.
    • Choose plants that use birds and insects as pollination agents instead of wind (you will have to consult a gardener).
    • Weed out dead plants and weeds regularly.
    • Do not make or use compost. Instead, use dry soil or pebbles.
    • Avoid growing strong-smelling plants near doorways and windows.
    • Do not do gardening on windy days when there are more chances of pollen and mud flying around.

Being an asthma patient is not fun. But you can make lives easier for those afflicted by adopting these tips. It will lead to a happier home and a peaceful atmosphere.

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