5 Diabetes Friendly Sweets to Help You Enjoy a Guilt-free Festive Season

From decorations to food, we Indians love to go overboard on everything during festive season. But eating sweets can be a big problem for diabetics and completely spoil their health. That’s why, we have compiled a list of sweets you can enjoy without guilt even with Diabetes.


1Ragi coconut laddoo

This dish is loaded with protein and fiber, which makes it a friendly dish for diabetics. Add grated coconut to ragi flour and water little by little as you keep mixing. Once mixed, steam this mixture for 15 minutes and add jaggery and crushed peanuts to it. Let the mixture cool down and then bind it into laddoos and enjoy.


This dish is made with jaggery (gur) instead of sugar, which is rich in antioxidants and minerals like zinc. It is amazing for your overall health. It is made by boiling the mixture of rice and milk slowly over a long period of time till it becomes thick. Add cardamom (elaichi) powder in the end along with some some dry fruits and enjoy.

3Lauki Halwa

Lauki or bottle gourd helps you in reducing blood sugar levels. Grate one full lauki, stir it in 2 tbsp ghee, add gur and some milk and let it cook. Once dried, its ready to eat.

4Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa is a favorite in every Indian household, especially during winters. Instead of using sugar, you can add gur or raisins for the sweetness and enjoy the dessert to your heart’s content. The recipe is the same as lauki halwa

5Coconut jaggery modak

With goodness of jaggery (gur) and sweet taste of coconut, this savoury becomes the most loved sweet which is offered to Lord Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi festival days celebrated in Maharashtra. To make these coconut jaggery modaks, add grated coconut to warm ghee in the pan and roast till the color changes. Add grated or powdered jaggery to it and mix till everything cooks together. Add cardamom powder to it and keep mixing. Take the mixture out and let it cool down to a room temperature. Then with the help of modak moulds use the mixture to make yummy and healthy modaks.

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