The population of India is approximately 134 crores and growing day by day. With the advancement in the field of science, longevity has increased remarkably. India today stands 4th on the global map for the number of centenarians i.e. the 100+-year-old citizens in the country. Be it their diet or a healthy lifestyle, these older adults have given a lot of us some major health goals. And some of them have also made us proud by their exemplary contribution to society.

The Indian government has thus come up with awards for the centenarians to honor their achievements and accomplishments at the individual levels. These awards of recognition also inspire the youth to contribute in the same manner and aspire to live a long, healthy and meaningful life.

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Types of Awards for Centenarians

Vayoshreshtha Samman and Shatayu Samman are a few awards which are organized by the Government of India. The Government of India have criteria based on which the awards are conferred to the senior citizens or centenarians. Vayoshreshtha Samman is awarded on the basis of individual achievements and Shatayu Samman is awarded to the older people in India.

1. Vayoshreshtha Samman

Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu conferring the award

In the year 2005, the Ministry of Justice and Empowerment came with this award. Vayoshreshtha Samman is an award conferred by the Vice President to an individual over 90 years of age or to an organization. There are several criteria for Vayoshreshtha Samman award and depending upon the nominees and the criteria, the members of the National Council of Senior Citizens evaluate the deserving candidate.

The procedure to get nominated for the recognition starts in the month of May and with strict evaluation by the members of the ministry the appropriate person is selected. This award is presented on every 1st of October in Delhi.

2. Shatayu Samman

Awards for centenarians
Seniors at Shatayu Samman ceremony

Shatayu Samman is an award given to centenarians of India – People who are living for over a century, by the government. This main purpose of this award is to spread awareness about health and encourage everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This award is conferred to the oldest living human, nominees do undergo a complete check-up.

Shatayu Samman was first organized on the 1st of October 2011, which is celebrated as ‘Health Care Day’. For this award, there were 19394 senior citizens and 8750 of them went through a complete health check-up. Based on which Parasram Gurjar was the first to be honored by Shatayu Samman. He was awarded Shatayu Samman at the age of 125. He was born on 10th of October 1886 in Bhopal. He was the oldest person in India and allegedly died just two months after receiving the award.

As we all know, the number of centenarians is expected to rise in the next few decades, hence the government of India should come up with more awards and recognition strategy for senior citizen. With a lifetime of work, raising families and contributing towards the success of the nation, senior citizens deserve to retire with glory.

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