Diet for a healthy Heart

Our heart is the most important organ of our body. It keeps the other organs going. Ischemic heart disease and stroke account for 20% of all deaths in India, therefore, it is important to include a heart-healthy diet for a strong heart.


1. Include more vegetables

Include more vegetables in your diet. They are nutrition dense while being low in calories. It is advised to have more helping of vegetables like spinach, cauliflower and tomatoes in your diet.

2. Have more fruits

Fruits are full of vitamins and help you maintain your over-all health. It is essential to include more helping of fresh fruits in your diet.

3. Eat more pulses

It is advised to include legumes and pulses in your diet for the right amount of carbohydrates. Chole, rajma, beans, moong dal etc. are some of the best examples of legumes.

4. Have lean protein

Adding lean protein like lentils, fish and chicken to your diet ensures the heart stays healthier and happier. At least one serving of lean protein, cooked in a healthy way is advised.

5. Drink more liquids

It is important to include minimum eight glasses of water in your diet a day. Apart from that, also include one cup of coffee or green tea for anti-oxidants.


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