Doctor’s Day: These 5 Experts in Pune are Making Lives of Older Adults Better

This Doctor's Day, watch these 5 experts in Pune talk about the various topics of their expertise ranging from mental health to heart, vision and more.


1Dr. Anuja Mulay on Heart Diseases

The heart is an organ that works ceaselessly. Our lifestyle and habits can cause various changes to it. Older adults face heart disorders like heart attacks and cardiac failures due to a weakened body and a whole lifetime of possibly damaging habits. Dr. Anuja Mulay is an experienced Cardiologist in Pune. She works with various leading hospitals. She is also Associate Professor at Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Hospital. She specializes in angiography and pacemakers. As a result, she comes in contact with many elderly patients. She firmly believes that leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to preventing heart disorders.

Watch Dr. Anuja Mulay throwing light on everything you must know about heart diseases

2Dr. Dhananjay Chavan on Mental Health and Wellbeing of Older Adults

Mental health and wellbeing of the elderly are as important as general physical wellbeing. However, it has remained an ignored subject and is related to aging. Dr. Dhananjay Chavan is a person wearing many caps. He is a Psychiatrist, Geriatrician, Author, and Entrepreneur. He practices at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune. He has developed various training programs for older adults and holds meditation workshops all over the world. He recognizes relevant issues like the mental health and wellbeing of older adults, caretaker’s depression, etc. He has written a book called The Senior Citizen’s Handbook, which is a comprehensive guide on the mental and physical well-being of the elderly.

Click here to watch Dr. Chavan talking about mental health awareness in India

3Dr. Nikhil Jadhav on Orthopedic Issues in Indian Older Adults

Hip and leg fractures are most common in older adults. This is because the bones start becoming fragile and more brittle with advancing age. Dr. Nikhil Jadhav is an Orthopedic Surgeon practicing for 13 years in Pune. He is a specialist on joint replacement, arthroscopy, trauma and sports medicine. He comes in close contact with a lot of elderly patients who visit him with joint problems like arthritis and joint pain and also fractures. Deficiency of Calcium and Vitamin D are the main reasons for joint pains according to Dr. Jadhav. In women, age-related hormonal changes are a major culprit for bone and joint issues.

Watch Dr.Nikhil Jadhav discuss joint problems and their causes and solutions

4Dr. Nitin Kolte on Vision Problems in Seniors

As we age, most of us complain about issues with vision. Most common concerns for senior citizens are developing cataract, glaucoma and even eyesight loss, in some cases. Dr. Nitin Kolte is an Ophthalmologist in Pune, who is the Medical Director of the Poona Eye Care Centre. Dr. Kolte has performed over 30,000 cataract surgeries and 20,000 LASIK vision correction procedures with a success rate of nearly 100%. He specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide number of eye problems. Dr. Kolte says that people face issues related to vision once they cross the age of 40. Blurry vision, cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration are the most common eye issues faced by the elderly.

Click here to watch him talk about the age-related vision problems in older adults

5Dr. Meenaz Khoja on Skin and Hair Changes in Older Adults

Old age brings along a lot of changes in skin and hair. Due to reduced immunity, older adults also face issues of frequent skin infections and other disorders like dry skin. Dr. Meenaz Khoja is a Dermatologist practicing in Pune. She is a gold medallist in Dermatology and Trichology. She has seen many older adults with various skin and hair issues. Dr. Meenaz also works on dealing with postmenopausal changes in skin and hair for women over 50.

Click here to watch her talking on common skin and hair problems that impact Indian older adults



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