Dr. Bindu Menon on how to recognize and treat Stroke


Dr. Bindu Menon is a neurologist from Apollo hospital, Nellore. She is also the secretary of Dr. Bindu Menon foundation.

HappyAging met Dr. Bindu at GSICON 2018, Pune, where she shared with us the key points to remember to recognize the signs of stroke.

Dr. Bindu throws light on the medical emergency of Stroke. She says stroke is a condition which occurs when the blood supply to the brain is cut off, or when the blood vessels burst due to high blood pressure. The most important thing to remember when dealing with a stroke patient is the window of treatment, which in this case is four and a half hours. With timely thrombolytic therapy, the symptoms can be reversed.

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She has a special message for elderly and caregivers of elderly on how to identify stroke. There’s a WHO mnemonic known as FAST- Face, Arms, Speech and Time that will help people recognize stroke on time. If a person is suffering from stroke, his face will deviate to one side, the arms fall to one side and speech will be slurred. T for time means if you spot any of these symptoms, you should rush the patient to a hospital with an imaging facility and stroke treatment department, immediately. Apart from that, if there’s sudden onset of visual loss, severe headache, difficulty in walking and numbness in one side of the body, rush the patient to the hospital immediately.

She says it’s important to stay healthy and take care of one’s over-all health. It is also important for caregivers to help the elderly in their family lead a healthy life. Most importantly, ensure that they reach the hospital in time if they ever suffer from a stroke, so that the disease can be reverted.

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