Watch: Dr. Dhananjay Chavan on key Mental Health problems faced by Indian elders


Dr. Dhananjay Chavan is a psychiatrist, a geriatrician, an author and an entrepreneur. He has an MD in Psychiatry and his postdoctoral fellowship is in Geriatric Mental Health.

Dr. Chavan has conducted several meditation workshops and seminars for seniors around the world. He has written extensively on mindfulness, old age issues and Dementia. He devotes most of his time on issues around care of the elderly. He has developed training programs for senior citizen care. He practices in Pune.

HappyAging had an exclusive discussion with Dr. Chavan on mental health and well-being of senior citizens and also his latest book – The Senior Citizens’ Handbook.

Dr. Chavan talks about the key mental health problems that elderly in India and across the globe have to face. One of the biggest issues they face is ‘Ageism’, which is discrimination based on their age. Elderly are regarded as different due to their age. Society starts to discriminate against them as they age, treat them with prejudice and certain issues like Dementia, Delirium or Depression are made to be associated with old age which may not always be true. They can also be a factor of other underlying problems. Dr. Chavan covers topics like these in this short video.

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