Dr. Dhananjay Chavan on Lifestyle Changes for Mental health and Well-being


Dhananjay Chavan is a psychiatrist, a geriatrician, an author and an entrepreneur. He has an MD in Psychiatry and his postdoctoral fellowship is in Geriatric Mental Health. He conducts seminars for seniors around the globe and devotes most of his time on issues around elderly care.

HappyAging had an exclusive discussion with Dr. Chavan on mental health and well-being of senior citizens and also his latest book – The Senior Citizens’ Handbook.

Dr. Chavan mentions that awareness about Mental Health issues like Depression and Anxiety disorder is as important as the treatment of them. When someone is dealing with a physical ailment, its visible and they get all our sympathy, but mental illness does not get the same amount of attention and understanding. Anyone can be dealing with an issue like Depression or Anxiety. Mental health issues can occur due to various factors like genetic make-up, medical conditions, lack of activities or simply one’s lifestyle. The important thing to remember and practice is to try and break the stigma around Depression and other Mental Health disorders so that more people can talk about it and not feel ashamed in getting treatment. This is the only way to tackle this condition.

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