Dr. Dhananjay Chavan’s Message on Brain Health and Mental Well-being


Dr. Dhananjay Chavan is a psychiatrist, a geriatrician, an author and an entrepreneur. He has an MD in Psychiatry and his postdoctoral fellowship is in Geriatric Mental Health. He devotes most of his time on issues around care of the elderly. He has developed training programs for senior citizen care. He practices in Pune. HappyAging had an exclusive discussion with Dr. Chavan on mental health and well-being of senior citizens and also his latest book – The Senior Citizens’ Handbook.

Dr. Chavan says that physical health is important for brain health, which in turn is important for mind health. These are interconnected and each of them need to be taken care of to take care of the other areas. He insists that everyone, especially youngsters must get regular exercises and adequate sleep. He suggests that youngsters should stay away from new age addictions like smart phones and steer clear of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol create dependencies and are used as an escape medium, but there are better ways to keep oneself busy and contribute to society and one’s emotional and spiritual health. They should instead get involved in some activities like volunteering etc. to keep themselves mentally happy.

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