Dr. Mahavir Mithari on importance of caregiving for elderly


Dr. Mahavir Mithari is the secretary of Geriatric Society of India, Kolhapur chapter.

HappyAging met Dr. Mithari at GSICON 2018, Pune and had a chat with him about the importance of caregiving for elderly.

Dr. Mithari runs his own center called Samvedna Helping Hand, in Kolhapur. He says that it is important to provide door step services to the elderly because they have a lot of medical needs at that age. His center provides the elderly with physiotherapy, pathological collection, occupational therapy, doctor’s services, nurses’ services and providing caretakers at their doorstep. Dr. Mithari adds that it’s his aim to provide as many services to elderly as possible.

He also says that they specifically provide occupational therapists to elderly. Elderly need help with everyday chores like wearing clothes, taking a bath, etc. Their major concern is falls in the bathroom. Occupational therapy teaches them how to do these activities and how to prevent falls. Thus is plays a major role in geriatric health.

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