Dr. Rangasamy Muthusamy on how to avoid heart diseases


Dr. Muthuswamy is a consultant cardiologist. He has worked in Rottherham, U.K for the past 25 years, where he set up the state of the art cardiology service and developed their cardiac unit. HappyAging met Dr. Muthusamy at the GSICON 2018, Pune chapter and had a brief discussion on heart health and the measures to avoid coronary heart diseases.

Excerpts from the interview:

What lifestyle measures would you recommend to youngsters for a healthier heart?

As compared to elderly, youngsters are more prone to smoking. The first preventive measure they need to take is to educate themselves about the harmful effects of smoking. Along with this, they need to have regular health check-ups pertaining to blood pressure and diabetes every year once they turn 40. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet, and avoid junk food. Ensure you exercise for minimum 30 minutes a day and keep obesity under check. We need to go back to the basics of good diet and health, something our parents and grandparents do. Also ensure that you avoid alcohol. Another thing is we can’t stop growing old, but we can take care of stress in our lives, which is one of the contributing factors in heart disease.

Heart attacks increase around winter. Myth or fact?

There is no consistent data for this. Winter is extremely cold in the West, and in India only the North experiences this kind of temperature. There may be rise in blood pressure during winters, but apart from this, there is no concrete study to prove that heart attacks increase during winters.

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