Dr. Smita Athavale on Dental/Oral Care Awareness in India


Dr. Smitha Athavale is a former professor at Department of Prosthodontics, D.Y Patil college,  and is currently a consulting doctor at Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital, Pune. She also runs her own practice. She is a Geriatric dentist, which means, she specifically cares for oral health of elderly.

HappyAging spoke to Dr. Smitha Athavale at Geriatric Society of India Conference (GSICON) – Pune, where she said that there’s not enough awareness and understanding as far as oral hygiene in India is concerned. This is an area taken very lightly. She emphasizes on the old adage- “Prevention is better than cure.” It is important to keep one’s teeth clean.

She says that it is essential to have annual oral check-ups done. Neglected oral hygiene can lead to oral cancer, which is a common occurrence in India. It can completely be avoided by taking care of one’s oral health. She also jokes that people should make sure they can avoid dentists, which means people should take care of their oral health seriously enough that they don’t need doctors at all.

HappyAging for Dr. Smitha means growing physiologically but staying young at heart. It is important to stay positive and healthy, she adds. Good health is the crux of all happiness. It is important to take care of one’s health physically and mentally so that one can live a happy and fulfilling life. When one has good health, one has everything.


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