Watch: Dr. Sudhir Jadhav on Hernia in Older Adults


Dr. Sudhir Jadhav is a Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeon practicing in Pune. Having done his MS in General Surgery from the prestigious Seth GS medical college and KEM Hospital, Mumbai, he has worked as Assistant Professor in Surgery department for 5 years. Gaining skills in Performing laparoscopic surgery and major GI surgeries at KEM hospital, he further obtained fellowships like – FMAS, FIAGES, FALS (Bariatric Surgery) and was trained under renowned Dr. Bruno Dillemans in Belgium.

HappyAging met Dr. Jadhav at his clinic in Kharadi, Pune to know more about Hernias in older adults.

Dr. Jadhav explains that hernias in older adults may occur because of various reasons like muscle sagging, urinary disturbances, constipation and chronic cough.

Hernia usually appears as a painless and abnormal swelling that appears and disappears periodically. Talking about the risk factors of hernia, Dr. Jadhav says that there are a number of risk factors like excessive exertion, UTI, prostate diseases, constipation or any problem that increases abdominal pressure.

Lifestyle changes that help in avoiding constipation can help a great deal in preventing hernia in older adults. Dr. Jadhav advises following a diet full of roughage to avoid constipation and suggests that any chronic cough in elderly must be treated on time in order to prevent hernias from occurring.

About the types of surgeries for treating hernia in older adults, he says that there are open surgeries (traditionally done) involving larger incisions, longer hospital stays and longer times of recovery, and laparoscopic surgeries (new advancement) involving smaller incisions, lesser period of hospital stay and lesser time of recovery.

Watch the video to under what he says about hernia in older adults.

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