Dr. Taruna Madan on awareness about health and caregiving among people


Dr. Taruna Madan is a Family Physician who specializes in geriatric care and carries her practice in Aundh region of Pune. She has an extensive experience of 20 years. Passionate about old people, Dr. Madan specializes in geriatric care.

She told HappyAging in a discussion that old people these days are aware about what they need. They are specific about their wants. But she says that it also depends on their economic background. People with financial problem try to ignore their health. But those who can afford are availing all sorts of health aids these days. About awareness in younger generation on health, Dr. Taruna said younger people today at 30s and 40s do like to retard their age but they start late. They think they still have time, but what they forget is today’s 30s is our 20s. They overlook their sedentary lifestyles and eat all sorts of wrong things, while carrying enormous amount of stress. They are exposed to immense pollution too.

Hence, she stresses the old saying – ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ HappyAging asked her views on distributed family structures and how they affect caregiving aspect. She says caregiving has become easier with the advent of disposables. It’s not very difficult even for the bed bound people as long as you can have a dedicated caregiver. And caregiver need not always be a relative. It can also be an institute. She says we need more of those people who focus on caregiving of old people and who are really passionate about it. They need to understand old age is a specialty and has to be dealt with passion.

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