Watch: Dr. Vishal More on Common Respiratory Conditions in Older Adults


Dr. Vishal More is an experienced Chest Physician and a consultant at KEM Hospital and Sahayadri Multispecialty Hospital in Pune. HappyAging met Dr. More to talk about the common respiratory ailments that concern Indian seniors.

Dr. More says that with increasing life expectancy, the probability of people contracting chronic lung ailments has also gone up. The commonest of all being COPD, which also contributes to the second highest cause of deaths in India. Other diseases common in seniors are communicable diseases such as TB, swine flu and pneumonia and then interstitial lung diseases and GERD induced chronic cough.

Signs to look for

There are a lot of signs that indicate that respiratory health is compromised. Older adults should never ignore the following signs:

  • Wheezing
  • Breathlessness after walking or climbing stairs
  • Recurrent allergy, sneezing
  • Recurrent cold and cough

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A lot of times older adults go for over-the-counter medications for respiratory conditions like tablets and sprays. Dr. More says that it should be strictly avoided unless a doctor has prescribed it. He says over-use of antibiotics can cause resistance to that drug, which can cause trouble in older age.

Impact on sleep

Respiratory system and sleep have an impact on each other. In older adults sleep reduces or they may have snoring or choking sensation while sleeping or sleep apneas. Chest physicians can do sleep study to understand the relationship between disturbed sleep and respiratory ailments. These studies can be done at home and need no admissions.

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There are several advancements in the field of respiratory treatments in India now, says Dr. More. Lung transplant, Bronchial Thermoplasty, Broncoscopy, Forced Oscillation Technique, DLCO Single Breath are some of them.

Dr. More stresses on the point that instead of focusing on healthcare, one should focus on promoting health. We must imbibe a culture of health in our lifestyle and lead a fit life to ensure that we have a long and healthy life.

Watch the video to see what Dr. Vishal More has to say about the respiratory conditions and treatments in older adults.

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