The medical term for an enlarged liver is hepatomegaly and it’s bigger than a normal and healthy liver. Enlarged liver is actually a sign of some underlying problem like congestive heart failure, cancer or liver disease. It is important to understand the causes of an enlarged liver so that we can make healthier choices to take care of it better.

A lot of things can cause liver enlargement. Few of them are:

  • Alcohol: Drinking large quantities of alcohol can affect the liver and even cause alcohol poisoning. It is always suggested to have alcohol in moderation.
  • Excessive use of supplements: Taking large doses of pain killers, vitamins and supplements can damage the liver in the long run. Check labels for ‘acetaminophen’, ‘acetam’ or ‘APAP.’ Always talk to your doctor before taking any medicines.
  • Herbal pills: Herbal supplements are known to create a long term damage to the liver. Avoid herbal supplements and ask your doctor if you need any medication for an ailment.
  • Infections: Bacterial or viral infections can increase your risk of liver damage.
  • Hepatitis: Hepatitis A, B and C can cause liver damage.
  • Unhealthy eating habits: Eating junk food, lots of sugar and being overweight also increases your risk of an enlarged liver.

Apart from this, a lot of other things can also cause enlargement of liver:


Heart and blood vessel problems:

  • Blockage of veins
  • Heart failure
  • Damage to the tissue surrounding the heart

Liver disease:

  • Cirrhosis
  • Cysts in the liver
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Wilson’s disease (a genetic disorder that causes copper to accumulate in the liver)
  • Noncancerous liver tumors, including hemangioma and adenoma

Liver is one of the most vital organs of the body and one must take special care in ensuring that we keep it healthy and functioning and avoid liver-related issues as much as possible.

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