Exercises for Heart: What to do and what not to

Are you scared to exercise when you have a heart disease? We have compiled a list of safe exercises for you to do and the things that you should avoid.


1. To do: Walking

A 30-minute walk twice a day will keep your heart healthy and happy. It increases cardiovascular health and improves circulation.

2. To do: Swimming

Swimming is a low impact exercise that helps you to stay active without straining your heart. You can control your movements and take breaks within laps.

3. To do: Yoga

Yoga helps you focus on your breathing and helps in lowering blood pressure. It’s specially beneficial in managing any stress you may feel because of your health.

4. To avoid: Exertion

Don’t do any isometric exercises like push-ups and sit-ups.

5. To avoid: Extreme temperatures

Don’t exercise outdoors in extreme temperatures as it may accelerate heart rate and make breathing difficult. Avoid extremely hot and cold showers and sauna as they elevate blood pressure.

6. To avoid: Exercises when unwell

If you feel weak, dizzy and unwell, don’t exercise until you are completely fine. Always consult with your doctor before starting any new activity.




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