Be it Diwali, Eid, Christmas or even birthday or anniversary celebrations, Indian merriments are incomplete without sweets and our all-time favorites have been laddoos. However, with growing age, conditions like diabetes, blood pressure and weak stomach put a restriction on our intake of sweets. With more awareness around health, older adults find themselves in a dilemma where the tongue wants something, but the mind says otherwise. Understanding the whole situation, 55-year-old new entrepreneur Savita Chobey came up with a whole new range of healthy laddoos that serve both the purposes – taste for the tongue and health for the body.

Hailing from Ujjain – central India’s holy town popular for its temples and food, Savita or more popularly known as Chobey Aunty moved to Pune to fulfill a doting grandmother’s duties, but soon found her passion in making laddoos and keeping herself engaged through doing so. She used to make shuddh ghee laddoos for her children and their friends, who then suggested her to turn it into a business. Savita took first-time entrepreneurship opportunity in the spirit and created ‘Chobey Aunty’s Laddoos & Snacks’ in Pune. She also realized the need for healthy substitutes for the yummy savouries as she found people worrying about the extra intake of sugar. Hence, the idea of healthy laddoos caught fire.

HappyAging met Savita Chobey who spoke about her top five best-selling laddoos, which benefit the body too.

Flax Seeds Jaggery Laddoo

Flaxseed or alsi is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid (only vegetarian source) and has several other health benefits. Combined with jaggery these laddoos work wonders for people with diabetes, high cholesterol, and indigestion problems. Rich in protein and fibers, flax seed laddoos, also called protein laddoos should be consumed by everyone regularly.

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Oats-Ragi Laddoo

Oatmeal in itself is highly nutritious with its anti-oxidant properties and a high quotient of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Combined with the power of ragi or nachni, which is a gluten-free source of calcium, amino acids, and Vitamin D, oats-ragi laddoos are also called the power laddoos. Jaggery and dry fruits enhance the taste and nutrition value all the kore, making these laddoos particularly popular among older adults who are looking for healthy dessert options.

Dates Dry Fruit Laddoo

Most dry fruits are rich sources of minerals, proteins, fiber, and vitamins. Also, consumption of appropriate quantities of dry fruits daily can help in maintaining brain health for all as with growing age our brain might lose alertness. Apart from this, dry fruits have also been said to prevent cancer and other deadly diseases. With no added sugar, these dry fruit laddoos made in the base of dates, also offer an excellent source of haemoglobin for those who suffer from anaemia.

Moong-Urad Dal Laddoo

Moong and urad dal are rich in protein, iron, calcium, and magnesium. These laddoos have anti-aging properties and also prove to be beneficial for those suffering from bone and joint problems. These laddoos can be made with jaggery to enhance the taste and make them healthier options for those with diabetes.

Sesame-Jaggery (til-gud) Laddoo

Winter season is marked incomplete without til-gud or sesame jaggery laddoo. Til is a rich source of calcium and consuming it with jaggery enhances its medicinal value for especially heart patients. The exposure to winter sun helps in providing Vitamin D that helps the body to absorb the calcium obtained from til and store it for the entire year. Soft til gud laddoos made with pure ghee can work wonders on your body.

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