Google’s Artificial Intelligence department is always working for developing technology and combining it seamlessly to human wellbeing. Keeping this aim in mind, Google has developed a major technology for healthcare.

In a technological breakthrough, Google AI can now predict cardiovascular issues like heart attacks and strokes by taking images of the retina of the eye. This way, the need for any test including MRI has been completely eliminated.

This is a huge leap for the medical field and a big relief for older adults as heart diseases are major causes of deaths in growing individuals. Google AI makes use of machine learning rather than using a set of inbuilt instructions to draw conclusions from its readings. This new system also gives information about the changes in the various parts of the eyes. Researchers get new leads into the various reasons that cause cardiovascular issues.

When Google AI first came across the idea of how deep learning techniques could increase the accuracy in the diagnoses of diseases and eliminate the requirement of intensive tests, they started working on this technology. They also saw many examples where machine learning could diagnose eye diseases, especially diabetic eye disease.

Using their machine learning (ML) techniques, they tested this technology on 284,335 people and found accurate results for predicting cardiovascular health, the Google AI official blog said.

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Their algorithm, for example, can differentiate between the retinal images of a smoker and a non-smoker with 71% accuracy which is more than that of human experts. Google’s AI algorithm is also able to predict systolic blood pressure fairly accurately. In addition, it can also predict various risk factors based on age, sex, habits and health from retinal images. Google’s retinal scans accurately predicted a cardiovascular even in advance based on its learnings.

This new technology brings in a new way of medical diagnosis and treatment. It brings the patient and the doctor closer to each other. By predicting cardiovascular and other issues in time, a patient is able to seek immediate medical intervention.

Google AI’s MD, Lily Peng, aims to make this a foundation for more research and bringing about new positive changes in the field of medicine.

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