मित्राणि धन धान्यानि प्रजानां सम्मतानिव |

जननी जन्म भूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी ||

While friends, riches and grains are highly honoured in this world,

mother and motherland are a source of more happiness and can even surpass the joy and luxuries of heaven.

As rightly said in the above shloka from Valmiki’s Ramayana, nothing can ever make up for the love, sacrifice and devotion done by a mother. Needless to say, the selfless, unconditional love of a mother cannot be quantified through any parameter. Our mothers love us unconditionally from the time we are in their womb. And no matter how old we get, they always have our back. With Mother’s day around the corner, it’s our time to show her that she means the world to us.

This May 12th, on the Mother’s day, tell her she is special and make not just one day, but her everyday special by beginning these five routines with her and for her:

1. Fitness hour

Starting this Mother’s day, have a fitness hour routine with your mom. To live a long, healthy life, exercising is a must. Be it yoga, aerobics, running, walking or gym, a regular fitness regime in one’s life can keep a number of diseases at bay.

Hence, block an hour for you and your mother and help each other taking a step towards a healthy living.

2. Review her diet

While we are growing, our mothers are after us to ensure we eat the tastiest and healthiest of food and get the best of nutrition. But as they grow, they might be getting a little casual about their own diet. And diet plays a huge role in healthy aging. Body’s nutritional requirement changes as we age. Especially women need more Vitamin D and Calcium in their diet as they age. This Mother’s day, start a healthy diet routine full of requisite vitamins and minerals for your mom.

Book an appointment with a nutritionist and as per her health conditions, plan and review her diet, so she gets the best of nutrition she needs.

3. Health scan

Take your mother for a full body check up to ensure her health is up-to-date. There are a lot of vaccinations that one needs post the age of 50 to prevent a number of diseases. Also after 40 there are some routine scans that women should go for, like scans for breast cancer, cervical cancer, HPV, etc.

Safeguard your mom from these dreadful diseases through vaccinations and checkups as early scanning can help a long way in living a healthy life.

4. Health Insurance

While buying her expensive bags and gifts can make her happy, a good health insurance for her can ensure she gets the best care in times of need without any hassles. However, it’s tricky to get health insurance for 60+ individuals, but there are a variety of medi-claim health policies available that you can purchase and cover the seniors in your family. They also help in buyer’s tax exemptions.

Choose the plan that suits your requirements and secure the best medical support you can for your mother.

5. Pick a new hobby together

Last but not the least, in fact, the best thing that you could do for your mother is spending good quality time with her. Enroll the two of you for some activities that you could do together – photography class, learning a new musical instrument, dancing, writing, etc. Pick an activity and make it a ritual with your mother.

Spend the much-needed quality time with her and make her feel that she was and she will always be the most special person in your life.

There are a lot of things that you can do as a gesture to show your love to your mother. But when it comes to caring for her, these five routines will not only make her feel special this very day, but ensure her holistic wellness for lifetime.

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