Joan Collins, an English actress has quoted, “Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.” This statement holds true even when it comes to sex life. There is no age bar that defines the “Happy Sex Life”. In fact, there are many benefits of a good sex life for elderly people. Furthermore, according to a research, it has been found that there is a good percentage of elderly men and women enjoying their sex life.

Does this intrigue you to know more? Well, this post is written with an intent to share some tips with all the elderly couples out there to make their sexual relationship better. Also, this post will be educating the readers with some striking numbers observed in some researches.

What Does the Research Say

According to research by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), which is a part of United States National Library of Medicine, it was observed that the percentage of elderly being sexually active has only gone up. The observations from the research are as follows:

Table 1: Table Showing Increasing Percentage Sexually Active Elderly People

1971More Recent Research
Men aged 70 and above52%68%
Women aged 70 and above38%56%

The table above states that in the year around 52% men and 38% women aged 70 and above were sexually active. These numbers then increased to 68% for men and 56%women.

This does not end here! Almost 50% admitted that they were sharing a very happy sexual relationship with their partner, with about 25% saying that they were having sex once a week.

So, What’s the Secret to a Happy Sex Life!

To all the elderly couples out there, who also want to bring back the spice, and intimacy in your sexual relationship, here are some tips for you:

  1. Have a Dialogue: The most important tip of all. Having a dialogue about your thoughts, desires, and feelings with your partner goes a long way into making your sex more pleasurable.
  2. Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: The second-most important tip is to stay healthy- not just physically, but also mentally. For a healthy body, you should consider exercising regularly, quitting alcohol and smoking, and following a healthy diet.
  3. Keep the Romance On: Don’t hesitate to try new things with your partner. Even this can spice up the things between you.
  4. Adjust the Routine: Last but not the least, adapt your routine in such a way that you have sex when you are high on energy. Morning time can be suitable for most of you, rather than night, when you might feel tired and exhausted.

So, all the tips shared above will help you enjoy a happy sex life, which will, in turn, add years to your life. Remember,

“Age is a matter of feeling…not of years!” –George William Curtis


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