67-year-old Dinkar Patil has been driving auto-rickshaw in Pune city for last 40 years. From the golden days in the 70s to now, Patil has seen the city’s roads and traffic changing immensely. He tells how there were just a few auto-rickshaws back then and the commute was way simpler. But, now the scenario has changed completely. There are more vehicles than humans in your sight. It has become difficult to commute through the city, he says. Pollution is increasing every day and impacting health – physically and mentally. He prefers to take shorter rides and avoid heavy traffic routes.

Patil told HappyAging that it is important to upgrade yourself digitally with time otherwise you may become obsolete. He has been using the Ola application deftly for the last year and a half and does not find it difficult to use Google Maps to locate his passengers and their destinations. He likes to live a systematic life and keep himself busy by running his chores by himself. A fine example of a man adapting to the newer ways to lead his life with dignity, Dinkar Patil is a ray of hope for a lot of others who may find age stopping them to live their life to the fullest.

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