Weddings are all about having fun and reconnecting with your kiths and kins. Especially, in India, a wedding is a big affair requiring arrangements that start months prior to the D-day. From food to clothes to preparing sangeets to being part of various ceremonies, a lot goes behind making Indian weddings the extravagant affair they are known for. As much as a task the Indian weddings are for the hosts, they call for a lot of thoughtful planning for the guests too, especially, older adults who come traveling from far off places, need a lot of careful management to not overdo the revelry and impact their health.

As the weddings usually last for a week or so having various ceremonies like haldi, mehendi, sangeet and more, they can be really exhausting and stressful for older adults. Hence, here are 7 tips to keep the wedding saga joyful and yet healthy at the same time:

Eat Wise

Eat Well Indian Wedding
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Gorging on wedding menu is fun, but you must be watchful of your diet. Eating at Indian weddings mean looking forward to unlimited food stalls and a lot of junk like puris, kachories, sweets buried in ghee and what not. While these items would taste heaven, undoubtedly, their impact on your gut can be terrible. With age our body’s metabolism decreases and digesting fat-rich food may be difficult. Also extra fats, carbs and sugar during the wedding season can disturb your cholesterol and glycemic levels, leading to fluctuating diabetes and heart diseases. Hence, moderation should be the key. While refraining from mouthwatering food is not possible, watchful eating is. Be careful of what you eat and have a balanced diet. Consume salads and fruits too while you enjoy other meals.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated
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Our bodies require hydration to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in our body needs water to work properly. Attending a wedding may require standing or sitting for long hours at one place with no time to hydrate yourself, which may lead to tiredness, throbbing headaches, water imblance, and even dehydration or heat strokes. Hence, at all times, ensure you have a bottle of water and you are sipping liquids periodically. Also do not miss on that welcome drink. If you have diabetes, you can go for coconut water (if available). Especially, for warm locations and weathers, it is a must that you consciously stay hydrated.

Do Not Over Indulge

Do not over indulge - Indian Wedding
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While food and chatters are the must to indulge in chapters of all Indian weddings, it is a wise idea to avoid over-indulgence of any kind. Be it exploiting the unlimited buffets, involvement in toxic gossips, useless worries over trivial matters, clicking enormous amount of selfies, gulping free liquor or providing unsolicited advice, ensure your wedding experience is devoid of these noxious patterns, which will, in return, only harm your physical and mental health. Hence, keep it simple and enjoy every moment of meeting and greeting your loved ones.

Rest Well

Rest well - Indian Weddings
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Once again, with long standing or sitting ceremonies, waiting for mahurats during back-to-back functions, do not tire yourself so much that it may require recovery time post the functions. Take adequate amount of breaks after each ceremony. Make use of the special seating arrangements done for seniors at the weddings. Give yourself rest each day and sleep well. It will ensure you stand tall and shine through all ceremony days without headaches, body aches and undue stress on your mind and body.

Avoid Pollution During Weddings

Avoid pollution - Indian Wedding
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While a lot of people have become conscious about environment and do not use crackers at their weddings, there still can be some weddings where you may be exposed to smoke. Also walking through road side processions (baraats) can expose you to dust and smoke, which can cause respiratory discomfort for older adults. Hence, it is a good idea to avoid smoke exposure as much as possible at the weddings.

Take Your Medication

Medicines - Indian Wedding
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For those who have any medical condition, it is absolutely necessary to not skip their medication amidst the merriment. Whether you have diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, blood pressure or any other condition, ensure you have your medicines handy and you are taking them on time to avoid any mishap during the functions.

Enjoy Yourself

Have fun - Indian wedding
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Last but not the least, have fun at weddings and forget any type of bitter baggage you may have. After all, it is the time to bond with your friends and family and build the social connect that usually remains missing in our lives while we carry our daily humdrums. You can connect with people with similar interests and take home positive memories and relationships that would last forever. A happy social environment can help you in maintaining your mental wellbeing, hence have the most of this time and simply enjoy yourself.

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