हर पड़ाव में साथ: मिलियें इस प्रेरणादायक जोड़े से – श्री अतुल शाह और श्रीमती मयूर शाह


HappyAging had an honour meeting Mr. Atul Shah and Mrs. Mayuri Shah who are in their 70s and are our featured couple for the month – ‘Together in Aging’

Mr. Atul Shah had a vast successful career, where he held various leadership positions at several huge organisations. However, his health conditions started giving him a tough time even before he retired. He was diagnosed with Arthritis and Diabetes. His work demanded a lot of travel, which led to a point where he had to ask for wheelchairs at airports. This is when he decided to change the picture for himself and started his health journey, which never took a U-turn.

Mr. Atul Shah not only reversed his Diabetes completely, but with his determination to get fit, he can now run marathons, do Zumba, do push-ups and recently he also climbed Sydney harbour bridge.

Similarly, Mrs. Mayuri Shah has Diabetes and also had a heart attack while she was on a trip to the United States. Her desire to return to a healthier and stable state along with the combined efforts of her family helped her transform completely by picking up a healthy regime.

Today, Mr. Atul Shah and Mrs. Mayuri Shah are an inspiration to people of all ages in living a happy, fit and graceful life.

Watch their interview to feel inspired.

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