You may have seen grandparents with your kids and would have wondered at their camaraderie despite a vast generation gap. How can two people, poles apart, find so much to bond over and look so similar together, you may wonder. But that’s the beauty of God’s creation, right?

While one has just entered this world and the other has years of experience and wisdom to account for, the similarities between these two age groups are limitless. Let us now delve deep into this amazing circle of life.

Similarities Between the Grandparents and Babies

As your parents age, they become more vulnerable and would need constant attention and care. Taking care of them is, however, trickier than taking care of your baby. You need to ensure that you give them a lot of love and support yet treat them as adults. Their personalities might resemble that of a baby, but on the inside, they are still the elders of your family with years of experience and would want to be treated as such.

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Care and Support

The elderly in your family would need the same amount of care and support as that required by a baby. Their ability to do things independently would diminish due to various age-related ailments and they would look for your assistance even for petty things.

Small Attention Span

Your parents would have the same attention span as that of a two-year-old and would have difficulty remembering even the routine tasks. Their ability to communicate would also drop down eventually. You would have to constantly probe them with a plethora of close-ended questions to understand their needs.

Financial Dependency

Remember the days when your mom and dad fulfilled your every demand? Now would be your time to give back! The elderly in your family would have retired and would be financially dependent on you, just like the kids in your family.

Health and Immunity

As elders age, their organs would not function as it used to. Their body would also lose its ability to absorb nutrition from food and would need various multivitamins, calcium and iron supplements like a baby would. They would also have lower immunity levels and a slowly shutting-down gastrointestinal system making them prone to seasonal ailments and digestive issues. Also, the elders would need the same kind of medical care as babies, to take regular vaccinations and periodical health check-ups.


Since both babies and elders have a low attention span, they get bored pretty easily and would need to be constantly entertained. Since they can’t do much on their own, both would need your involvement in finding ways to make them feel entertained.

Like your child, the elders in your family would also want your constant attention and love. As their caretaker, it is your duty to give them all the support they need with tons of patience. Never forget that they did the same for you when you were a child and always considered you as their priority.

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