How to Make Your House Fall-Proof for Elderly


Falls constitute for almost 14% of accidents in elderly and are a cause of concern. Repeated falls can create immobility in elders, especially because they already suffer from muscle weakness and low bone density. It is important to create a safer architectural environment in our homes to prevent falls in the elderly.

Here’s how you can make a safer and fall-proof environment in your home for the elderly:

  • Front door: Ensure the steps of the front door are not wobbly and it is well-lit. You can also use sensory lights to your convenience. Install a grab bar to balance yourself when you open the door to your house. Use a ramp instead of stairs to avoid falling.
  • Kitchen: Keep everyday items well within your reach so that you don’t have to climb to grab things. Use rubber rags instead of cloth rags and clean spills, if any immediately to avoid slipping. Use level knob faucets instead of twist knobs as they are more convenient.
  • Bedroom: Keep your bedroom lights within your reach to avoid falls at night. Keep your phone handy in case you need help at night. Install bed rails as they help you steady when you get up. Always keep night lamps on to help you navigate at night.
  • Bathroom: Install grab bars next to the toilet to help you in getting up. Keep an anti-skid mat below the shower to avoid slipping. Use a wiper to keep the bathroom dry at all times. Use lever knobs instead of twist knobs.
  • Staircases: Install strong rails on the staircases and ensure the steps are wide. Keep the stairway well-lit in the evenings.
  • Tiling: Install anti-slip tiles in your house and keep rubber mats placed at all entrances and doors.
  • General living space: Avoid using furniture that has sharp edges. Tuck electrical cords behind furniture to avoid slipping.

Watch the video to understand it better.

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