Diwali 2019: Hear What The Expert Says on The Impact of Smoking & Pollution on Your Lungs


Diwali is here and a lot of us are busy preparing for the most celebrated festival of the year. With sweets, decorations , lights and crackers, Diwali is considered as the beginning of a new year. As we delve into this year’s light festival’s celebrations, here are few things that we should take a careful note of.

Dr. Vishal More – a Chest Physician and a consultant at KEM Hospital and Sahayadri Multispecialty Hospital in Pune, shares how smoking and pollution can impact our lungs. With burning of crackers during Diwali, a lot of smoke is produced that causes air pollution. The harmful effect of this air pollution is similar to that of consuming smoking substances. Dr. More says it burns our respiratory system.

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While smoking tobacco itself causes impairment of lungs, getting exposed to extra pollution during the festive season is largely contributing to the increased cases of respiratory ailments in growing generations. Dr. More highlights that excess burning of incense stick, dhoop stick, mosquito coil, liquid mosquito repellents are major contributors to critical respiratory issues. He adds that while burning of 1 mosquito coil is equivalent to burning of 100 cigarettes, burning of 1 wet dhoop stick is equivalent to damage caused by 500 cigarettes. Also, exposure to hawans, conventional biomass fuel burners (चुल्हा), etc. add up to causing problems like COPD, lung cancer, smoker’s ILD, and what not.

Other effects of smoking and pollution include:

  • Reduced lung functions
  • Reduced physiology of lungs
  • Increased probability of lung cancer
  • Increased mucous collection in airways
  • Chances of pneumonia, swine flu and other viral infections
  • Reduced lung age and volume

Hence, it is wise to not only give up on smoking, but also to prevent ourselves from excess exposure to air pollution causing substances and conditions.

Also to ensure the health of our lungs, the following tests can be conducted:

  • Pulmonary function test: Predicts lung age and obstruction
  • Bed-side peak flow expiratory meter: Measures flow in airways
  • Breathometer: Determines deterioration in lung function
  • Lung/smoking/pollution profile: Routine investigations
  • Chest X-Ray, CT-Scans as per physician’s advise

A good diet and regular exercise can certainly have a positive impact on one’s respiratory health.

Imbibe a culture of pursuing good health instead of focusing on healthcare!

Dr. Vishal urges all to imbibe a culture of pursuing good health instead of focusing on healthcare as conscious efforts towards nurturing your health from the beginning can lead to healthy growing into later years of your life.

With this thoughtful advice, HappyAging wishes everyone a Safe, Happy and a Healthy Diwali! 

Watch the video to see what Dr. Vishal More has to say.

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