You are over 50, firmly established in your career and life. This is a good time to introspect and reflect on the past, examine your achievements, and figure out what more you can do.

As you progress towards the later stages of your life, you tend to have a lot of spare time with you. As such, you can utilize this time for things you have always wanted to do but could not.

Age shouldn’t be an issue for learning new things; and now that you have enough time to pursue your hobbies, nothing should stop you from going after them. A hobby is a nice way to engage yourself, socialize, explore an old interest, and to stay energetic; and there isn’t a better time to pick up a new one.

Here are a few suggestions that you can pursue to stay active:


Giving back to your community and making people smile is what volunteering is all about. One of the ways to engage yourself is to work with a local non-profit organisation/(s). You can choose the field in which you want to volunteer as per your interest. It can be a local animal shelter, a child mentoring program, or your local library.

2. Reading

Reading is not only enlightening, it is something that can be enjoyed anywhere around the globe. Your favourite book can be a good companion for a trip, vacations, or simply while getting ready for bed. Joining a book club and reading in circles can be a great way for you to spend time together with others and discuss everyone’s opinions on a particular book.

3. Travelling

Unsurprisingly travel is something that you can look at as an option. With no children growing up or work commitments, now is the perfect time to travel and visit the places you have always wanted to see. You can even start travel blogging to feature different destination places through your photography. Travel blogging gives you the freedom and opportunity to share your travel experience with everyone.

4. Play an instrument

Music is an important part of everyone’s life. While listening to music is certainly enjoyable, learning to play an instrument can be more fun. Playing an instrument can foster creativity and help relieve stress.

5. Blogging for fun

Most elderlies love telling stories about their past. So, instead of telling, you can share and publish your stories online through blogging. In short, blogging gives you the freedom to write about any topic that truly matters to you.

6. YouTubing

People usually think that YouTube is just a place for users to watch videos. But you can pursue this as a hobby too. By creating your own YouTube channel you can make interesting YouTube videos and share them with your friends and also spend your time in learning the different aspects of social media too.

There can be no better option than pursuing a hobby to bring a much-needed change in your life from the everyday routine. It is important for a balanced life at any age, but it becomes even more important in your golden days. So considering these, which hobby will you pursue?


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