Happy Makar Sankranti: Know The Benefits of Eating Til-Gur (Sesame-Jaggery)

Makar-Sankranti is a day where people spend whole day out soaking in the sun, flying kites and having a gala time eating til-gur savouries, while enriching their bodies with much needed Vitamin D, which is required for the absorption of calcium in the body.


Ancient sages created the ritual of flying kites during Makar Sankranti where kids would get excited to go in the open, under direct sunlight and play throughout the day starting from early morning. And their mothers feed them homemade til laddoos.

Sesame seeds (til) are a rich source of calcium (975mg per 100g). For the absorption of calcium, our body requires Vitamin D. Our bodies are capable of storing Vitamin D up to a year and use the reserves. During Sankranti time, we expose our bodies to the sun for the entire day. The celebrations that go on for three days, help us reserve a good amount of Vitamin D. Also end of the winter is said to have the best quality of sunlight for our bodies. Hence, you may connect the dots and see the logic behind celebrating Makar Sankranti with til and gur.


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